Leadership Workshop for College Students----Things Not Taught in School that you Must Master or they Will Lead you to Disaster


    Alvin Day, Founder and Executive Director of the Empowerment Institute, USA

    2012-11-28     9:00—12:00

    Room 324  Mingde Building 


    The workshop will comprise the following four parts:

    1.   A Mental Shift:

    In order to ensure that the students are prepared to listen, we will prove to them that some of the things they think to be so are not so and some of the things they think to be impossible are happening routinely in life.

    2.   Timeless Laws that Cannot Be Broken: 

    These are the Things Not Taught in School that you Must Master or they Will Lead you to Disaster.

    They are the habits and practices of everyone who, by some objective standard, can be called successful. Students will learn that success is not random or accidental; rather, just as physics, chemistry and mathematics have laws that govern their outcome, so does the state of high accomplishment and fulfillment.

    3.   Personal Evaluation:

    Each student will rate himself or herself against these success measures…these soft and hard skills that will help them put their education into practice for mental, physical and financial wellbeing.

    4.   A Commitment to Action:

    The students will be charged with the responsibility to take action in the direction where their new awareness makes them yearn to go. Most people feel good in a moment of inspiration, but when the moment wears off, no commitment remains. We will work to secure a commitment from the students…a commitment to begin the journey toward fulfillment of their highest potential.


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